Strength & Conditioning


Setanta Fitness is the only private functional fitness company to have two fully qualified UKSCA Strength and Conditioning Coaches on site and a third soon to be accredited. We are both experienced and highly qualified and can accommodate both onsite and offsite Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement, Yoga and Nutritional Support Services for Teams, Individuals, Schools and Corporates


What we are NOT Personal Trainers who have attended a Strength and Conditioning workshop and marketing ourselves as Strength and Conditioning coaches, We are Professionally Qualified Strength and Conditioning Coaches.


Available both Onsite and Off-Site and either as a one off or continuous provision

  • Functional Screening
  • Fitness Testing
  • Professionally Periodized Programming
  • Pre-hab / Post Match Recovery / Yoga
  • Functional / Primal Movement Training
  • Strength & Power Training
  • Weightlifting
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Hypoxic Training
  • GAA Coaching & Managing
  • Nutritional Individual and Team Plans
  • Coaching Workshops


Team Strength and Conditioning Package

Options Included in this package are as follows:

  • Onsite Performance Centre Hire
  • Offsite Coaching At Club / Facility
  • Functional Screening
  • Fitness Testing
  • Professionally Periodized Programming
  • Pre-hab / Post Match Recovery / Yoga
  • Functional / Primal Movement Training
  • Strength & Power Training
  • Weightlifting
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Hypoxic Training
  • GAA Coaching & Managing
  • Nutritional Individual and Team Plans
  • Coaching Workshops

Pro Elite Training

Pro-Elite training package allows you to train as a professional athlete

Included in this package are the following services:

  • Unlimited Access to Performance Centre Facilities
  • Full Movement Screening
  • Fitness Testing and Regular Retesting
  • Professional Periodized Training Programmes
  • Pre-Hab and Re-Hab Techniques
  • Primal Movement and Mobility Training
  • Resistance Training inc Olympic Lifting
  • Plyometric Training
  • Speed & Agility Training 
  • Full Video Feedback and Analysis of Training Techniques
  • Nutritional and Supplement Support
  • Recovery Strategies and Monitoring

Youth Development

It is absolutely essential that any aspiring and talented youth sports performer has the correct start to their sporting life, here at Setanta Fitness Performance Centre we have many years experience of giving the young performer the best start in sport. Starting with movement pattern development through to power development, the young performer is brought on in a structured and sensible way, always ensuring that they treated as young people and not mini adults and as such require a different approach to Strength & Conditioning training. Each person is developed at a rate that is correct for them. The initial focus is on stability and injury prevention, moving onto learning the weight training movements and how to train, using percentages of their bodyweight when deciding the loading, always ensuring that they are learning how to move and not how much they can move.




Altitude Training

Altitude Training Physical Wellness Rehabilitation

Altitude training has been used by endurance athletes for many decades, but recent evidence has shown that it can enhance performance in speed, power and repeated sprint field sports such as GAA, Rugby and Soccer. We have devised specific training protocols for you to follow during your hypoxic workouts and workout lengths vary depending on what you want to achieve. Typical sessions are between 20-30 minutes in length.

Benefits of Altitude Training Include

Accelerated Weight Loss

  • Stimulate human growth hormone production to burn fat and build muscle
  • Burns more calories than a normal workout
  • Burns greater fat stores post exercise
  • Improves metabolism
  • Reduces water retention

Higher Intensity Workout

  • Improves both anaerobic and aerobic conditioning performances
  • Enhances Speed
  • Develops Power
  • Speeds up Recovery

Aids Rehabilitation

  • Increase blood flow, increase oxygen delivery to stimulate stem cells that repair damaged tissue
  • Maintain fitness whilst being injured as we have the ability to minimise impact on damaged joint or tissue as the machine is mobile to use on bike, rower or treadmill depending on joint / tissue damage and also we can reduce training duration by training at altitude.


  • Start the acclimatization process before you leave if you are travelling to high altitude
  • Limit the drop off in performance when at altitude
  • Maximize the training effect at altitude by arriving acclimatized.








Vertimax Training


Vertimax is designed to develop faster more explosive athletes at any age and is one of the world’s leading athletic training systems for developing speed strength and explosive power to fully develop athletic performance in any sport. If you want to run faster, jump higher, throw and kick further or swing a bat faster, the VertiMax is the perfect solution. (

Weight Lifting

All Sports benefit from Olympic lifts as they are dynamic, explosive, and demand flexibility, focus, and precision. They are skill-intensive and should not be attempted without the supervision of a skilled instructor.

The greater skill complexity of the Olympic lifts develops a wider range of physical abilities than does traditional weight training, and it transfers better to the performance of sports and other activities of daily life. It is the explosive nature of Olympic weightlifting that produces its unrivaled benefits. With the Olympic lifts, the propelling of weight and the demand for full range motion preserves the joints and strengthens the ligaments. Metabolic and hormonal benefits have also been associated with the Olympic lifts.

Full body exercises that incorporate power and explosiveness have been the only ones shown to increase human growth hormone, which results in healthier, leaner, biologically younger bodies. Also, more calories are burned during Olympic weightlifting workouts, and more muscle fibers are used

Not only for the metabolic effects, the Olympic lifts have been widely accepted as the best way to strength-train for sports. Unlike other exercises, the lifts allow for additional overload in a manner similar to other sports movements. They also offer added neural benefits in the form or optimal motor unit recruitment and the maximization of energy transfer between movements. Balance, coordination, and flexibility are also improved in a way that transfers readily to sporting activities.

Many athletes also enjoy the benefits of injury prevention. The lifts develop core strength like nothing else. They work a vast array of muscles to achieve a muscular balance between the front and back muscles of the body. This contrasts with many sports and daily activities that under develop the back, abdominal and scapular muscles and overdevelop shoulder and pectoral muscles. Most don’t realize it, but Olympic weightlifting has one of the lowest injury rates of all sports. It is safe and even important for us as we age.





Speed Training

An essential element of successful field sports is to accelerate, change direction quickly and deceive the opposition. This requires development of speed and agility.

Inmost field sports, the ability to accelerate, decelerate and change direction is more important than simply achieving high speed.

Speed and agility training is an important part of training for all top players, and can help you successfully perform the following playing movements…

  • Evading tacklers
  • Chasing
  • Stopping
  • Marking an opponent
  • Change of direction
  • Catching passing and kicking




Monitoring player fatigue and the subsequent planning of training load is critical for optimum recovery in sports performance. Recent advances in sports monitoring technology have resulted in Global Positioining Systems (GPS) being used to quantify external training load. (Herman et al 2006) accurately monitoring training load 

Our very own Jason McGahan is doing a PhD at Cork IT on the data collected from the Kerry Senior Team. Kerry has become the first county to introduce a fully-integrated GPS programme for its entire senior football squad this season, measuring load and general wellness. 

Long seasons and overworked players are creating fresh challenges for coaches in terms of balancing recovery with developing and maintaining physical fitness. Ensuring adequate rest and recovery is important to avoid over-training and achieve optimal performance. McGahan says it’s crucial training load and recovery be continually monitored during the training year.

  • "As a small rural  GAA club based in North Louth we found ourselves faced with the task of rebuilding our 1st team squad after a decade of unprecedented success. Retirements, emigration & a dwindling school population left us with a very nervous road ahead. In early 2014 we made contact with Tom Gribben from Setanta Fitness in Armagh & we haven't looked back since! Tom has totally reinvigorated our 1st team squad from top to bottom. He has prolonged the careers of some of our senior players while introducing the younger lads. His training methods have brought us to a level we could only dream of 12 months earlier. Tom’s professionalism on the training pitch, in the gym on the playing field & off it is second to none. His dedication & commitment to the physical & mental wellbeing of our players has to be seen to be believed. Our only concern, going forward we will replace him"    
    Martin Hoey, Chairman, Naomh Malachi GFC
  • First every session on the altitude bike today in Setanta Fitness. Very different but very good. Definitely recommend it and looking forward to giving it another go soon.  
    Johnny Denvir Setanta Fitness Gym Member & Cycling Enthusiast
  • I found the vertimax excellent for improvement in vertical power. I also found it beneficial for rehabbing my ankle after surgery, as I found after only a couple of sessions the improvement in my ankle stability. I would recommend vertimax for anyone looking to get that extra “edge” in their sport.  
    Aidan Cassidy, Senior Footballer, Augher and Tyrone
  • Setanta Fitness worked with Eglish GFC (Tyrone) during the 2014 season. This gave me an opportunity to see the quality of service that Setanta Fitness provides along with their professionalism of staff. Therefore on my appointment as Eglish Senior Manager, it was imperative that I secured their partnership for the long term. Setanta is not a one shoe fits all organisation; a vital point when considering a player’s unique needs. We have over 40 players / athletes following individual programes. Developing the individual first, serves to benefit the team as a whoel. Screening, fitness testing and periodization of S&C programmes, are only a small part of this service at Setanta. The team ensure a flexible approach, catering for a player’s academic studies, their professional careers as well as hectic fixtures schedule. It is important to note that Setanta Coaches are UKSCA and ASCA accredited, giving great peace of mind that the health and well-being of the team are in good hands.  
    Kevin Hughes, Eglish Senior Team Manager

Our S&C Coaches are Accredited Members of