Wellness at Work

23+ sick days Vrs A more cohesive productive team

Getting a balance between work life, home life and personal time has never been more difficult. This modern day phenomenon has contributed to an increase in absenteeism from work due to stress. According to the HSE, Labour Force Survey 2014/2015, 9.9 million work days were lost to work stress in the UK economy, which is an average of 23 days per reported case, in 2014/2015.  Interestingly males and females between the ages of 35 – 54 reported the high cases of work stress citing workload, lack of managerial support and organisational change as the main factors (HSE, LFS, 2014/15)

Investing in as little as 1 hour per week for 6 weeks every quarter (18hr p/a) with the Setanta Fitness Wellness @ Work Programme can help to minimise the chances of losing 23 days (1840hrs) per annum per employee, which has the added benefits of developing greater team cohesion and a more efficient work force.

All programmes can be tailored to your organisation, however our standard six week programme can be seen below. Customised projects can include nutrition manuals and home exercise plans with video links.

15 Mins Presentation 30 Mins Activity
Week 1 Yoga as medicine - Benefits to daily mindfulness Yoga
Week 2 Eating for optimal health, workplace nutrition Develop 7 day meal planner
Week 3 Fitness and exercise: Home Exercise Ideas Short HIIT class
Week 4 Mindfulness recap Yoga
Week 5 Nutrition recap Baking Healthy Treats
Week 6 Fitness and exercise recap. Short HIIT class