All members have the opportunity to attend 6 Bootcamps per week which are designed to ensure a safe, sustainable, injury free training environment to improve general fitness for all general population levels at an unbelievable price as  All Setanta Fitness Bootcamps are included in your monthly membership;

Our Bootcamps are resistance and conditioning based classes that will develop your strength and encourage fat loss. Based on feedback from our members we have focussed exercise themes for each Bootcamp session.

For more advanced Bootcampers we provide an extra 15 minute Bootcamp buster session 3 times a week after the main Bootcamp to really make you sweat and burn.

Monday PM – Cardio (Followed by 15 minute Bootcamp Buster)

Tuesday AM – Strength

Wednesday AM – Tabata & Abs (Followed by 15 minute Bootcamp Buster)

Wednesday PM – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Thursday AM – Strength

Friday PM – Boxercise (Followed by 15 minute Bootcamp Buster)