FUNctional fitness for kids


To combat the ever increasing issues of child obesity and dysfunctional movement prevalent in today’s youth society through a programme mixture of bodyweight animal flows and yoga poses.

Instructor & Facility Requirements

100% Lead by a fully qualified and insured Setanta Fitness instructor and all that is required in terms of facilities and equipment is a room, such as a school hall, with free space within your school.


The programme shall encourage youths to move in all planes of motion to gain strength and control of their own bodyweight, which shall burn fat, speed up their metabolism and make them more robust to potential postural injuries in later life.

The programme shall also enhance motor skills and body awareness and encourages a thought process not like any other traditional sporting activity, providing a challenge to each child to help develop their physical and mental skill sets which can be transferable to other sports and everyday living.

The programme can be used to provide support for primary & secondary teachers and youth leaders looking for new ideas without the use of complicated equipment to stimulate youths physically and mentally, providing the basis for a more attentive social learning environment.


The most responsive age group is P3/4 to P7.


20+ kids

£3 per head

6 – 8 weeks

Mr Mc Kenna

The pupils of primary three and four in St Jarlath’s benefited greatly from the functional movement programme delivered by Setanta Fitness. Through the series of lessons, taught by leading experts in movement culture of Northern Ireland, our pupils enjoyed exploring a variety of primal and animal movement sequences that gave them greater control over their bodies. This improved control of pupils’ own bodies was also supported by opportunities to enhance their listening skills and ability to follow instructions. As PE Co-ordinator I firmly believe that this initiative is hugely important in developing fundamental movement patterns that will act as an important platform for future development in a healthy active lifestyle.