GPS & Taring Load Monitoring


Setanta Fitness is attempting to grow and develop in the area of Sports Performance Analysis. Increasingly sports teams are using GPS devices to monitor movement’s patterns such as total distance, distance in different zones and maximum speed in sport.

The experiences of working with a professional Rugby team for our first piece of work have been positive and it is with this in mind that are second project has been developed and undertaken with in GAA world.


Approximately 50% of Irish inter county GAA teams are currently using GPS devices to inform their practice. Allied to this each of the 4 Provincial Rugby teams in Ireland and the Irish National rugby team are using these devices. Whilst this feedback is clearly of significant value to coaches and athletes, few club teams in Irish sport are using these devices due to: (i) the prohibitive cost and, (ii) the lack of knowledge skills and competencies to analyse the data.
We want to make this a multi-purpose tool that can be adapted and applied to all levels of GAA and indeed wider sporting community. The proposed provision of a service to local, regional and international teams whereby GPS data would be collected, analysed and disseminated to athletes and coaches to inform practice.



We provide access to VX Sport GPS devices, along with access to personnel with extensive knowledge and expertise working with these devices. With experience working with the top Gaelic Football team’s in the country (Kerry 2014/15 and Kildare 2016) allowing the development of Gold Standard Metrics for this sport.

Setanta Fitness also recognises that this tool is not merely limited to elite sports or even to high priority sports in an Irish context (e.g. Rugby, Gaelic Games) but would prove beneficial to all sports, both individual- and team-based. The ability to provide this proposed service for participants of all levels, from novice to high performance would serve to increase the likelihood of retained participation injury free and healthier athlete.

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