Sports Massage

Sports massage should play a key role in any athlete’s program, whether they be fit and healthy or on the injury list Massage has many benefits that are include physical, physiological and psychological. Setanta Fitness has 2 (1 male and 1 female) Qualified Level 3 Sports Masseurs On-Site who are available to both Teams and Individuals for private consultations.

Those receiving sports massage are generally in better condition, less likely to get injured, have higher performance levels and have more longevity in their playing career.

That’s just the advantages of massage treatment from a sports performance point of view but the general public can also benefit greatly from receiving remedial tissue therapy. It can be a form of relaxation depending on the pressure applied, which in turn can reduce anxiety, stress and reduce tightness in muscles. This can have residual effects on posture also.

Pre-existing injuries also have been shown to have less effect on an individual due to the nature of massage as it breaks up scar tissue and aids blood flow in the area of focus, hence one of the reasons a lot of athlete’s receive treatment after tough sessions.

The increased blood flow also results in the muscles receiving more nutrients helping them to recover quicker and to get stronger at a higher rate. Blood lactate levels have also been shown to decrease after sports massage as it encourages the muscles to increase the uptake of oxygen and outcome is a faster recovery.

Setanta Fitness is also in the unique position to be able to rehabilitate athletes with our expertise in Strength and Conditioning through our UKSCA accredited & postgraduate coaches, providing a one stop shop for your rehabilitation needs. Please click on our other service links for further information

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