Mattie Donnelly-

Tyrone, Ulster and Ireland Player

“The facilities at Setanta Fitness mean it is impossible to neglect any area for improving when there. Add in the knowledge and support of the coaches and it is impossible not to get better.”

Miceal Mc Kenna

Armagh Player

“Four months ago I joined Setanta fitness and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the journey so far.

Identifying my strengths and weaknesses Tom designed a tailored programme in order to achieve my goals and with help from all the staff I have managed to reach the set targets so far.  Constant help, reassurance and positivity are all the qualities that the Setanta team bring to the table.  I can see and feel a difference in my body after four months of training and look what to what 2017 is going to bring.  Its a blessing to be able to avail of such excellent facilities and knowledge so close to my doorstep and its accessibility leaves no time for excuses.”

Colm Cavanagh

Tyrone, Ulster and Ireland player

“Setanta Fitness is a fantastic gym.  It has everything you need to improve you as an athlete and also as an individual, from Strength & Conditioning, to Yoga, this place has it.  I have been training here for the past 3 months and have to say that I have never experienced a better training facility than this one.  A special mention to Tom Gribben, one of the S&C coaches.  This man has a unique skill base and is exceptional at what he does and gives 100% all the time.  Nothing is ever too much.  I could not recommend highly enough both his services and all the guys at Setanta Fitness”.

Conor White

Armagh Player

“The past year I have spent along with my team training in Setanta Fitness, it has been by far the greatest training experience I have had in my life. The guidance and training by Tom and the team was unbelievable. Helping me to achieve goals way beyond what I though was possible. Through the dedication and commitment of all the staff at Setanta my strength and conditioning hit new levels. I have also seen the performance of each of my times go through the roof. Setanta Fitness is an amazing training environment run by driven individuals that will help you reach your goals and much more.”

Fionnuala McKenna

Armagh Ladies Player

I chose Setanta fitness to help me address my strength and conditioning needs for the year ahead. I have received a full functional screen and a specific conditioning programme to help me work on my weaknesses and improve my performance on the GAA field. I have also really enjoyed attending yoga in Setanta on a weekly basis and can see noticeable improvements in my overall fitness since training in Setanta. Setanta is an extremely busy but friendly gym which has fantastic facilities to cater for the needs of everyone – highly recommended!

Conor Clarke

Tyrone Senior Player

No matter what your goal is in life is , whether is body composition, health related fitness, sports related fitness, strength and conditioning or simply to help with everyday general fitness, there is something in setanta to help you work towards these personal goals, and more importantly, there is necessary help on hand at all times to assist you in your quest to reach these goals.

Iv been lucky enough to have had access to a number of the coaches who work tirelessly daily within setanta and have learned something new and relevant with every day I leave their facility.

Ciaran Sloan

Former Bulls Rugby coach, Ulster Rugby and International Rules Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Setanta Fitness is a top class facility.  Their staff put a lot of thought into designing effective training programs that get results for their clients but also providing a positive and competitive training environment that inspires their clients to fulfil their potential”

Mark O’Donavon

International Rower with Rowing Ireland

“’Working with Setanta Fitness I found their facilities and services very professional. I was lucky enough to avail of the hypoxic generator for training and mostly for a train low sleep high approach. This enabled me to gain crucial points on increasing my hamoglobin. This was monitored precisely by the staff of Setanta fitness who monitored my nutrition before and after the intervention and gave me meal plans to further increase my recovery and performance while coming down to weight before competitions.
The services I received from Setanta fitness really helped me compete at my best at 2015 senior world championships to place 7th in the lightweight men’s pair.”

Gabriel Dunne

Powerlifting club

“I started powerlifting training with Shayne in August 2016. It was clear by October the difference his programming has made. Shayne starts with the fundamentals and works on technique and injury prevention for each different athlete. Week by week, month by month, under Shayne’s guidance and help, I found my strength and conditioning improving. I found that my personal bests were being re-defined as I was setting new targets for myself. The powerlifting is both a fun and rewarding club, where everyone is welcome. It is a simple and pure form of measuring and improving your strength, and its functionality can be used in any athletes training program. I would like to thank Shayne for bringing this training to Setanta Fitness and look forward to continuing to improve in the future.”

Aidan Mc Carron

Powerlifting club

“Powerlifting club run by Shayne is an excellent environment to work on strength and power lifting along with private training sessions. Shayne is a passionate coach about lifting and provides a dedicated programme for members with proven results, he also joins in occasionally which helps boost motivation of the group. It’s not all serious either, you are certain to have a laugh in every session, mostly at his expense!!”

Anthony Mc Ardle

Powerlifting club

“Setanta fitness powerlifting club is a must for every gym enthusiast or anyone involved in sports. Its not a case of “how much you can lift”. Shayne coaches you how to lift properly. Listen to what Shayne coaches and you are guaranteed to see the benefits every week.”

Jacinta Kelly

Parents of Gymnast

“I would just like to thank all at the Setanta gymnastics club Jenny, Sarah and Laura for such a great addition to your gym. I have two little girls aged 9 and 10 at the gymnastics club and I cant believe the difference in them since they started the gymnastics. Their fitness in both mind and body have greatly improved and they look forward so much to going to it each week. They have also made some very good little friends.

Thanks so much for everything and good luck for the future.”

Lisa McKeever

Parents of Gymnast

My daughter Holly enrolled in Setanta Fitness club in July 2016. She had some gymnastic experience prior to this. However, the progress she has made over the past 6 months is excellent. She is enjoying the challenging classes which she engages in twice a week. She also thoroughly enjoys the diversity of each class e.g. Bars, floor gymnastics, beam, vault and rings. This diversity is not something she experienced before. As a parent I am impressed with the fact that there is progression. The children are placed in groups of similar level and Holly is moving through different stages. She is a competitive child and is encouraged by the fact that she is making significant progress which is appropriately awarded. Her hope is that the club will continue to grow and develop as she is very passionate about gymnastics and would really love to excel in this field of sport. 

Tracey Mc Ardle

Bootcamp Member

Setanta Fitness is an amazing facility with a real sense of fitness and fun. I love the craic with everyone and have gained such a great nutritional knowledge as well as increased fitness levels. The instructors always welcome you with a smile and are so supportive. I love the team spirit between members and trainers always encouraging each other.

Roger Mc Cormick

Male Bootcamper

Over the 8weeks I seen my strength and fitness improve strongly with each workout. The male bootcamp is a full body workout suitable for anyone who wants to increase strength and fitness, whilst losing fat at the same time. Regular measurements are taken so you can keep track of your measurements which is a huge motivation and keeps you focused.