Waist Warriors

Waist Warriors

8 week program of weekly weigh ins, recipes and social support from Setanta Fitness and your fellow waist warriors.  The programme is designed in such a way to help bring about positive health and lifestyle changes that will assist you to enhanced and sustainable health gains. We will cover all things mind-set, nutrition and training leaving you with the positive action steps to implement around your own life. Leave with enhanced confidence, belief and all the tools and knowhow on what to eat and when to get the best from your body.

Weekly Monitoring of body fat and Wellness


Online members;
  • 3x Skype calls (beginning,middle and end) to set goals, motivate you and to keep you on track.
  • Weekly emails to assess how you are progressing with your body shape, eating habits and wellness checkers and to addresses any issues.
  • Facebook group for open discussions and support network.
Onsite members;
  • Weekly Weigh-ins at agreed time with your coach
  • Weekly emails to assess your progress (Body weight and body fat) and wellness tracking
  • Daily communication with coaches onsite
  • Facebook group for open discussions and support network.
Keeping yourself accountable is huge step In the right direction for success. You will become more responsible for your actions and disciplined because you have made a commitment to you, your coach and also the other people you have told. This breeds success.

Program costs £70 for 8 weeks or 2 month subscription of £35 per month.

This program is a positive lifestyle change for EVERYONE!


Email waistwarriors@setantafitness.com to book your spot.